Sound, insightful risking, embedded across your organisation

DFN guides your staff through a logical, intuitive process that delivers a more objective, evidence based view of risk at all levels of the organisation. Real time dashboards and notifications direct you to where you need to focus to reduce uncertainty and move forward with confidence.

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Configurability. Not complexity.

Every organisation needs to manage risk, and DFN is based on years of risk management experience across industries. DFN is designed to be configurable to the needs and maturity level of your business – and to evolve with you over time.

Accurate risk overview

Tailoring input and access points to specific user roles makes it easier to capture relevant data on risk and remediate actions.

Acceptable risk

Mapping your proposed remediation actions against identified risks helps your organisation navigate within its acceptable risk limits.

Perfectly configurable

Working from a predefined template, the DFN team helps tailor your solution to match perfectly your organisation’s specific risk landscape.

More effective risk management

DFN brings together all the information you need to make a more informed and
reliable assessment of risk. Clarity is key.

Live risk data let’s you manage your risk profile continuously

You are informed of any movement in risk-relevant MI through live dashboards and notifications, enabling prompt action to keep your risk profile within the bounds you set.

Committee Ready Reporting

DFN generates customer bespoke reports, ready for the Boardroom table. These are derived directly from the risk data in DFN, with no manual intervention required. The Board can have confidence in how they are informed of risk status, and see immediately where they need to act.

Ready for inspection

No more scrambling to finish a report for the board or steering committee. With DFN, your risk framework is
ready for inspection around the clock.

Access granted

With DFN, you can grant access to external parties
for audits or consultation, with the presented data
configured to fit their tasks.