Give your Board the information they need

– to make the right decisions and proceed with confidence. DFN provides your
Board with positive assurance where things are fine – evidence based, so they know they really are fine. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it lets the Board know where things aren’t fine,
so they can act.

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Committee-ready reporting

DFN maps and continuously captures all data related to your organisation’s controls. This provides risk officers with constantly and reliably updated information for exception reporting and positive assurances to the board, ready to present at all times.

Real time data capture

DFN embeds a streamlined process for constantly capturing up-to-date information on your organisation’s risks, controls and remediation actions.

Always ready to present

Select the data you wish to report, add your commentary, and make your presentation.

Built to measure

DFN is tailored to your organisation’s reporting standards. A one-time set up enables you to publish and present perfectly formatted risk reports at a moment’s notice.

Board level confidence

Increasingly, individuals taking up senior management positions are being held to
account by governments, regulators and professional bodies. DFN helps them face this challenge.

Top to bottom control

DFN makes clear every step taken in turning business policies into business requirements, processes and controls.

Never miss a thing

DFN shines a light on governance: Do you have sufficient control sets in place to stay compliant with externally imposed minimum standards?

Regulators want evidence

With DFN, you can confidently face any audit or inspection, knowing that all the necessary evidence is present and accounted for.

Dashboards for individual responsibilities

Increasingly, individuals taking up senior level positions in banks and other financial institutions have to be approved by the national financial regulator. Approved persons have specific prescribed responsibilities – and with a DFN dashboard, they can be confident of meeting them.

Always ready for inspection

DFN provides an approved person dashboard with an overview of each regulated person’s responsibilities and their immediate compliance status.

Personal responsibility map

The DFN dashboard shows who’s responsible for which processes, mapping them against identified risks, controls, business standards and remediation actions.

Ongoing documentation of vigilance

Actions are captured and documented, giving the approved person a provable audit trail of vigilance and remediation actions ready to present to external regulators.