Streamlined compliance strategy and monitoring

Face the regulator and investors with confidence. As the regulatory burden grows and the penalties for non- compliance grow more severe, monitoring your organisation’s compliance becomes increasingly business critical. With DFN, realtime updates on identified potential issues help you stay in the clear – and stay calm.

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Continuous readiness for regulatory scrutiny

DFN provides real time status dashboard and notifications of compliance deficiencies, allowing prompt action. Don’t get caught out.

Have the evidence to hand

DFN gathers and orders the evidence you need to demonstrate continued compliance. No need to scramble when the regulator says ‘show me’.

Acceptable risk

Mapping your proposed remediate actions against identified risks helps your organisation navigate within its acceptable risk limits.

Future compliant

DFN is super-configurable. You can evolve it to meet future regulatory challenges, independently or with our help. We have Risk Management and Regulatory experts on our team.

Integrated Compliance Monitoring

In parallel with the business, compliance monitoring teams can work from the same central control repository in DFN to undertake independent controls’ testing.

Transparency delivers certainty

Management has immediate access to monitoring findings and recommendations, enabling prompt action, and continued compliance.

Never miss a thing

DFN shines a light on compliance. Do you have the right controls? Are they working effectively? Where is remediation needed?

Configurability. Not complexity.

Every organisation needs to achieve and maintain compliance with regulations, legal obligations, internal standards, and more. DFN is designed to be configurable to the needs and maturity level of your business – and to evolve with you over time.

Made to measure

Existing solution templates accelerate the
configuration of DFN to meet your specific needs.

Radical user friendliness

Highly intuitive user interface gets people up and
running quickly. Minimal training is needed.


DFN is set up to present users with the options and information they need – and nothing more.